【Notice of Change of the date and time】(9/23 updated)
The new schedule have been decided.

Malaysia time : 17:00-19:30, September 29th (Thursday), 2022
Japan time      :  18:00-20:30, September 29th (Thursday), 2022

We look forward to your entries.

【Notice of Change of the date and time】(9/22 updated)

Due to circumstances, we have decided to change the originally scheduled session; September 26th (Monday) 17: 30-20: 00. 
We will inform you about the changed schedule as soon as it is decided.
We apologize for the sudden change.

We are preparing to launch University of Tsukuba Branch Campus in Malaysia to promote a higher education starting from the issues based on the social demand and the student's vew points, and we try to be across the multiple borders such as walls of the academic fields, national borders to achieve a frontier of education system and contents in the branch campus.

In this session, we discuss tasks and the perspectives to perform a trans-border education with the multiple stakeholders of the branch in the 40th Anniversary of the Look East Policy in Malaysia.


マレーシア時間:17:00-19:30, 2022年9月29日(木)
日本時間   :18:00-20:30, 2022年9月29日(木)


【開催日程変更のお知らせ】(9/22 更新)