Our dining table is decorated with a wide variety of agricultural products such as grains, fruits, vegetables, and animal based products. In recent, it is required to develop new food materials that contribute to food security and people's health while protecting the rights of the country of origin for the "genetic resources".

Therefore, in this session hosted by the Tsukuba Plant Innovation Research Center of the University of Tsukuba, 1) the current status of conservation and development of plant genetic resources around the world, and 2) conservation/commercial use of plant genetic resources utilizing advanced technology (development of new food materials, etc.) will be discussed in terms of genetic resources related to foods .

This session is composed of the lectures by invited speakers over the world and a panel discussion with speakers and experts invited from research institutes in Tsukuba City such as JIRCAS, NARO genebank, etc. In the panel discussion, it will be summarized that how genetic resources and advanced biotechnology will change the future of our foods.