The Tashkent Office of the University of Tsukuba was established in June 2007 as a center for the promotion of international exchange with the aim of forming a global research hub in the field of Japanese Studies and Central Asian Area Studies, and plays a role in the University's international strategy.

Based on the purpose and significance of the activities of this center, as part of the 4th Japan-Uzbekistan President Conference to be held in AY2022, we will plan and organize a forum for academic exchange between researchers and students from Japan and Uzbekistan, focusing on this field.
In this way, we will provide advice on individual research, exchange ideas and possibilities for collaborative research, and conduct exchanges among researchers and students to build a new foundation for research exchange.

This Forum is subsidized by the Nippon-Foundation Central Asia-Japan Human Resource Development Project(NipCA).

The morning part of this session will be conducted in person.
The afternoon session is a hybrid session. For more information online, please visit the "News from the Session" section for registrants only.



なお、本フォーラムは、筑波大学「日本財団 中央アジア・日本人材育成プロジェクト(NipCA)」の助成により行う。