By way of celebrating the 50th anniversary of the University of Tsukuba and capitalizing on the accelerating pace of digital transformation in the post-COVID-19 era, we strive to build win-win networks that connect our university, international alumni, current and incoming international students, and Japanese alumni overseas by attaching added value to the identity of Tsukuba students and alumni.


Re-activation of International Students Association toward Post Covid-19 Era

This session aims to strengthen the horizontal ties among international students in each country and to build cooperation with the Student Representative Conference (ZENDAIKAI), in response to the resumption of the acceptance of international students, which had been suspended for two years, and the establishment of the International Exchange Division in ZENDAIKAI, which provides a mechanism to incorporate the opinions of international students as a whole student body.

<Country and Regional International Student Associations scheduled to participate>

Africa, Brazil, Cambodia, Indonesia, Korea, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam

Due to consider time difference for overseas viewers, it’s on-demand webcasting limited to one month only, not livestreaming,

*The language for this session is English.


*Schedule partially revised on Sep. 29










*2022/9/29 スケジュールが一部改訂されました。