CEGLOC at the University of Tsukuba has the philosophy of developing English for General Academic Purposes (EGAP) by making full use of teaching methods based on Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) education, but it has also been expanded to include specialized education or English for Academic Purposes (EAP) skills.

The purpose of this session is to present the philosophy and background of CLIL by the speakers, and to give hints for further promotion of CLIL education to the participants through the presentations of practices invited from the public. We especially encourage those who are engaged in Japanese language education and those who teach specialized courses in English to participate.

筑波大学CEGLOCでは,内容言語統合型学習(Content and Language Integrated Learning: CLIL)教育を基盤とした指導法を駆使し一般学術目的の英語(EGAP)育成をその理念としているが,さらに専門教育,学術英語(EAP)能力育成への拡張が期待されている。