University of Tsukuba is engaged in research and education that contribute to solving the challenges of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations' 2030 Agenda, which are characterized by their deep interconnectedness and indivisibility. The organization “DESIGN THE FUTURE” was established to strategically promote and disseminate the University's knowledge and achievements in order to solve the social issues of the SDGs.

This session will introduce the mission of this organization and its pioneering research projects aimed at solving the social challenges of the SDGs. The session will then discuss how comprehensive universities should integrate and utilize their resources from the perspective of "integrated knowledge" to create a sustainable society, and the necessary mechanisms and organizational structures to achieve these goals.


そこで、SDGsの社会課題の解決に資する、本学の知見や成果を戦略的に推進・発信するための機関、DESIGN THE FUTURE機構が設置された。本セッションでは、本機構のミッションとSDGsの社会課題の解決に向けた先駆的な研究プロジェクトを紹介する。その上で、総合大学がサステナブルな社会構築のために、「総合知」の観点から大学のリソースをどのように融合・活用すべきか、そのために必要な仕組みと組織体制を検討する。