To answer various questions in basic natural science especially about the evolution of the universe and the origin of matter, University of Tsukuba has formed a basic science research center "Tomonaga Center for the History of the Universe" (TCHoU) in Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences.

TCHoU includes the following 4 divisions; (1)Antarctic Astronomy, (2)Elementary Particles, (3)Quark Nuclear Matters, and (4)Photon and Particle Detectors. These 4 divisions are trying to cooperate together to find out the "dark-" matter, energy and galaxies and to understand the origin of matter, phase transition and structure formation as well as their fluctuation and evolution.
This session is to share the understanding of our fields and to discuss about the next step via talks by invited speakers in related fields and members in our center.

宇宙の歴史の様々な自然科学に関する謎の解明を目指し、筑波大学宇宙史研究センター の4部門(南極天文学、素粒子構造研究、クォーク・核物質研究、光量子計測器開発)では、宇宙・素粒子・原子核の分野を融合した宇宙史の統一的理解のための共同研究を行っている。