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Session No. 5-1
Title 医学・生命科学国際共同セッション(学生発表会)
Session organizer 宮腰昌利(医学医療系), 平野有沙(医学医療系), 小金澤禎史(医学医療系), 日下部学(医学医療系), 根本清貴(医学医療系), 佐々木哲也(医学医療系)
Date & Time 9月29日 12:30-16:00
Location オンラインで実施
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本学生発表会は研究活動の発展と様々な研究者との交流を目的として毎年開催している。医学・ライフサイエンス分野で学んでいる筑波大学およびCiC協定校を含む海外の連携大学の大学院生がオンラインでポスター発表を行う (。また、下記の発表者による口頭発表を行う。本セッションは、医学医療系、医学学位プログラム、ヒューマンバイオロジー学位プログラム、ニューロサイエンス学位プログラムの共催により運営する。

12:30-12:35 Opening Remark
12:35-12:48 João Bortoloci "Hypothalamic - Periaqueductal Gray projections recruited during social defense"
12:48-13:01 Mariana Kanbe "Citrus by-products as carbon sources for the production of polyhydroxyalkanoates"
13:01-13:14 Tri Doan "Serotonergic system modulated cardiovascular expressions evoked by the lateral habenula in aversive stress"
13:14-13:27 Yuka Takase "Pharmacological and electrical stimulations of the primate striatum alter the performance of saccadic response inhibition"
13:27-13:40 Jiahui Yu "Activity of adult-born neurons in behavioral pattern separation"
13:40-13:53 Md. Haque "PMEPA1/TMEPAI Promotes Tumorigenesis in Triple Negative Breast Cancer by Sustaining PI3K/AKT Signaling"
13:53-14:06 Minako Okazaki "Endogenous hydrogen sulfide is involved in the maintenance of functional neural connections for generating eupneic respiration"
14:06-14:19 Takumi Taketomi "Sparcl1 mutants produced by a defect of Usp15 induce ER stress: Implication for autism spectrum disorder"
14:19-14:29 Break
14:29-14:42 Rupa Singh "Knowledge on pelvic organ prolapse among married women of reproductive age in rural Nepal: Apreliminary study in Surkhet district of Nepal women of reproductive age in Nepal"
14:42-14:55 Zhu Zhu "Predicting peer social skills from early daily living skill development"
14:55-15:08 Omar Samir "Transcription factor MafB is a marker of tumor-associated macrophages (TAMs)"
15:08-15:21 Takahiro Yamanaka "Analysis of KLF4 dose dependent iPSC generation in early stage of reprogramming"
15:21-15:34 Saori Yonebayashi "MAIR-II ameliorates cardiac remodeling post-myocardial infarction by suppressing TLR9-mediated pro-inflammatory macrophage activation"
15:34-15:47 Nurani Istiqamah "Identification of MicroRNAs that Regulate ELOVL6"
15:47-16:00 Javier Correa Vázquez "Ventral Tegmental Area projecting dopaminergic neurons, as a neural substrate for flexible adaptation of goal directed behaviors"