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After Globalization: Problem Discovery in Process

Session No. 1-1
Title After Globalization: Problem Discovery in Process
Session organizer Oniwa Ryosuke
Date & Time September 28, 2020 (Mon) 14:00-16:15
Location Online
Live stream Webex

Today’s world after globalization, as COVID-19 took every country by surprise, challenges the creativity of mankind to re-assemble transdisciplinary knowledge and rethink the existence of human society. The University of Tsukuba and National Cheng Kung University have established a consortium with Southeast Asian institutions on four themes—environment and disaster, aging care and infectious diseases, design and communication, and technology and policy—to benefit emerging society through raising new questions and transforming existing knowledge. In the main session, we will introduce institutions and projects in this consortium. Subsequently, four sub-sessions will be held to discuss research and education in progress.

Notes *Please turn off your microphone and camera except for the presenter during the session.
*This session will be recorded so that those who are absent can watch it later. Please let me know if you have any problems.

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14:00-16:15 14:00-14:05 Opening Remarks
14:05-14:10 Virtual Signing Ceremony / Group Photo from Both Sides with the Representatives on the Screen
14:10-14:15 Speech(UT)
14:15-14:20 Speech(NCKU)
14:20-14:35 Introduction of NCKU-UT Consortium
14:35-14:55 Design & Communication Group
14:55-15:15 Technology & Policy (STS) Group
15:15-15:35 Aging & Infectious Disease Group
15:35-15:55 Disaster & Environment Group
15:55-16:10 Introduction of Potential Collaborative Activities
16:10-16:15 Closing Remarks