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Linguistics and Data Science in Collaboration

Session No. 6-7
Title Linguistics and Data Science in Collaboration
Session organizer Shimada Masaharu
Date & Time October 8, December 10

The purpose of this session is to provide opportunities with researchers from various fields to share recent trends of the study of language based on various kinds of data resources. Recent big or contexualized data have opened a new possibility for linguistics and related fields, which have been becoming more and more inter-dependent. Thus, the “Trans-Border” or “Interdisciplinary” perspective is necessary.  This session especially focuses on naming and language contact with big data. The organizer hopes that the session will lead participants to be aware of  unexplored reseach areas related to languages.


Theme: Linguistics and Data Science in Collaboration


Program 1 Keynote Speech
December 10, Thu. 13:30–16:30 (JST)

・Prof Takeshi Obayashi (Tohoku University)
・Prof Ritsuko Kikusawa (National Museum of Ethnology)
・Prof Akiko Nagano (University of Shizuoka)

(Three speakers will be invited for Keynote Speech and one speaker for Special Talks. Details will be announced later)

Program 2 Poster Presentation
October 8, Thu. 14:00–17:00
・Abstract Submission deadline (200-300 words): September 23, 2020

Presentations: a collection of poster PDFs and audio or video files at the site (to be announced later) for attendees to “visit” on October 7-15.
Poster Q&As: live poster Q&A sessions on Zoom for attendees to meet virtually with presenters and ask questions or give feedback on October 8.
#Detailed instruction will be announced in the middle of September.

■The scope of Poster Presentation covers but is not limited to:
1. Linguistics
– Formal Linguistics
– Cognitive Linguistics
– Corpus Linguistics
– Applied Linguistics
– Data-Driven/Based Linguistics
– Second Language Acquisition
2. e-Learning
– Collaborative Language Learning
– e-Learning
– Gamification
– Computer-Assisted Language Learning
3. Big Linguistic Data Processing
– Educational Big Data
– Textmining
– Data Mining
4. Others relevant to data-based linguistics

Yuichi Ono (University of Tsukuba, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences)
Masaharu Shimada (University of Tsukuba, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences)