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How Can Constitutions Deal with COVID-19?

Session No. 6-2
Title How Can Constitutions Deal with COVID-19?
Session organizer AKIYAMA Hajime (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Tsukuba)
Date & Time September 29, 2020 (Tue.) 14:30-18:00
Location Online
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Recording is available from the official YouTube channel of the University of Tsukuba.

In 2020, states are taking emergency measures to deal with the outbreak of the COVID-19. Civil liberties are typically prioritised in the constitutional norm. However, public health and public welfare tend to be prioritised in emergency measures to combat the COVID-19, and civil liberties tend to be limited. It is crucial to rethink which constitutional norm should be prioritised in this unprecedented situation. Based on this background, this session examines the cases in France, Switzerland, the United States and Japan, and explores the possibility of legislation and interpretation of constitutional laws from multidisciplinary perspectives.



Notes - Language: English (English-Japanese simultaneous interpretation provided) 
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- This session is partly supported by Research Support Program to Tackle COVID-19 Related Emergency Problems, University of Tsukuba.
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Part I
14:35-15:00 “The French Constitution facing COVID-19 crisis: How the exceptional is made normal”
Marie-Laure Basilien-Gainche (Professor, Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University)
15:00-15:25 “COVID-19 and the Swiss Constitution”
Véronique Boillet (Associate Professor, University of Lausanne)
15:25-15:50 “COVID-19 and the US Constitution”
Jeffrey Miller (Project Manager, Academy of European Law, European University Institute / Assistant Professor, Gallaudet University)
15:50-16:05 Discussion 1: Politics
Giorgio Shani (Professor, International Christian University)
Part II
16:15-16:40 “COVID-19 and the Japanese Constitution”
Hajime Akiyama (Assistant Professor, University of Tsukuba)
16:40-16:55 Discussion 2: Comparative Law
Joelle Grogan (Senior Lecturer, Middlesex University)
16:55-17:10 Discussion 3: Public Health
Yukiko Wagatsuma (Professor, University of Tsukuba)
17:10-17:55 Panel Discussion

Marie-Laure Basilien-Gainche

Professor, Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University

Véronique Boillet

Associate Professor, University of Lausanne

Jeffrey Miller

Project Manager, Academy of European Law, European University Institute / Assistant Professor, Gallaudet University

Hajime Akiyama

Assistant Professor, University of Tsukuba

Joelle Grogan

Senior Lecturer in Law, Middlesex University London

Yukiko Wagatsuma

Professor, University of Tsukuba

Giorgio Shani

Professor, International Christian University


Chisato Oyama (Third Year Student, College of Social Sciences, School of Social and International Studies, University of Tsukuba)