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The Future of sports – An Ethics Series

Session No. 7-5
Title The Future of sports – An Ethics Series
Session organizer Fukasawa Koyo (Professor, Faculty of Health and Sport Sciences, University of Tsukuba)
Date & Time 18 September (Fri.) ~ 18 October (Sun.)
Location Online

Emerging technologies can fundamentally transform us. Applying these latest technologies in sports, a new competition has emerged: the Cybathlon is a Swiss-invented international competition, where participants with disabilities overcome daily-life challenges with the help of technology. The use of emerging technologies in sports raises ethical questions that need to be discussed with different key stakeholders, such as sports persons, technology companies, sports federations, and the public. We will facilitate an ethical conversation with key stakeholders alongside the Olympics and Paralympics in order to co-elaborate and publish a Swiss-Japan declaration on the ethics of technology in sports.