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Creating a Post-Corona Society: Cities and Universities in Collaboration

Session No. 0-1
Title Creating a Post-Corona Society: Cities and Universities in Collaboration
Date & Time September 28, 2020 (Mon) 18:00-19:40
Location Online
Live stream The live stream is now closed

We live in unpredictable “VUCA” times, as epitomized by the huge impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on all levels of society which also highlighted the vulnerability of modern society. Universities and research institutions are no exception. However, we have an important mission to create a post-corona society by seeking solutions to social issues that have arisen. In this session, the knowledge of experts, including local government leaders, will be shared and discussed with the audience.

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Notes MC: Ikeda Jun (Executive Officer for Tsukuba Conference, University of Tsukuba, Japan)
18:00-18:10 Opening remarks
Nagata Kyosuke (President, University of Tsukuba, Japan)
18:10-18:20 Keynote speech
Huey-Jen Jenny Su (President, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan)
18:20-18:30 Keynote speech
Devi Sridhar (Professor, College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, The University of Edinburgh, UK)
18:30-19-35 Panel Discussion

-Short Presentation by Panelist
Thomas Eiskirch (Mayor, Bochum City, Germany)

-Short Presentation by Panelist
Igarashi Tatsuo (Mayor, Tsukuba City, Japan)

-Panel Discussion
Theme: Creating a Post-Corona Society: Cities and Universities in Collaboration

Huey-Jen Jenny Su (President, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan)
Devi Sridhar (Professor, The University of Edinburgh, UK)
Thomas Eiskirch (Mayor, Bochum City, Germany)
Sebastian Kopietz (Deputy Mayor, Bochum City, Germany)
Igarashi Tatsuo (Mayor, Tsukuba City, Japan)
Nagata Kyosuke (President, University of Tsukuba, Japan)

Kijima Joji (Specially Appointed Professor, Office of Global Initiatives, University of Tsukuba, Japan)
19:35-19-40 Closing remarks
Caroline F. Benton (Vice President for Global Affairs, University of Tsukuba, Japan)
19:40 Closing

Dr. NAGATA Kyosuke

President, University of Tsukuba

Dr. NAGATA Kyosuke currently serves as president of the University of Tsukuba. He earned his PhD. in Pharmaceutical Sciences from The University of Tokyo in 1981.
From 1981 to 1985, he was a post-doctoral researcher and research fellow at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Institute, respectively, in the U.S. He then started his Japanese career at the National Institute of Genetics before joining the faculty at the Tokyo Institute of Technology.
After he became a professor at the University of Tsukuba in 2001, he was affiliated with the Institute of Basic Medical Science and the Faculty of Medicine, and also assumed the position of Special Advisor to the President. He became the President in April, 2013.
Currently, he is vice president of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s(MEXT)Central Council for Education and chair of its University Committee as well as a (temporary) member of MEXT’s Council for Science and Technology. He also holds the presidency of the Japan Association of National Universities and the Japan University Accreditation Association.

Dr. Huey-Jen Jenny Su

President, National Cheng Kung University (NCKU)

Dr. Huey-Jen Jenny Su is currently a Distinguished Professor of Environmental Health at the National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) in Taiwan. Her research efforts have primarily focused on the topic of air pollution related health effects, with a particular emphasis on the rising global concerns with airborne microbial hazards. She was also an expert member of the committee that prepared the World Health Organization’s report concerning guidelines for biological agents in the indoor environment.
In 2015, Dr. Su became the first female President in the 85 year history of NCKU. She was honored by her alma mater with the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health’s 2017 Leadership Award in Public Health Practice, which recognizes a graduate who has been an outstanding example of effective leadership in the practice of public health. Moreover, Dr. Su was cited for her outstanding leadership among the top 100 award-winning researchers, academics, and innovators, and leaders in the 2018 edition of the Asian Scientist Magazine. She also received the 2017 Outstanding Research Award from the Ministry of Science and Technology in Taiwan. She was cited one of the 10 “Science Stars of East Asia” for her indoor air pollution by leading journal Nature.

Dr. Devi Sridhar

Professor, The University of Edinburgh

Devi Sridhar is a Professor at the University of Edinburgh Medical School and holds a Personal Chair in Global Public Health. She is the founding Director of the Global Health Governance Programme and holds a Wellcome Trust Investigator Award. She was previously Associate Professor in Global Health Politics and a Fellow at Wolfson College, Oxford University and a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at All Souls College, Oxford University. She was also a visiting Associate Professor at LMU-Munich and guest lecturer at the Harvard School of Public Health and the Public Health Foundation of India. Her books include ‘Governing Global Health: Who Runs the World and Why?’ (OUP, 2017) and ‘the Battle against Hunger: Choice, Circumstance and the World Bank’ (OUP, 2007) and she has published in Nature, Science, the New England Journal of Medicine, the Lancet and the British Medical Journal. She served on the board of Save the Children UK, on the World Economic Forum Council on the Health Industry and co-chaired the Harvard/LSHTM Independent Panel on the Global Response to Ebola. She holds a DPhil and MPhil from Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar and a B.S. from the University of Miami in the Honors Medical Program. Her work is concentrated in three areas: international health organizations, financing of global public health and developing better tools for priority-setting.

Mr. Thomas Eiskirch

Mayor, Bochum City

2015 Mayor, City of Bochum
2010 Spokesperson on economic policy and energy policy for the SPD faction in the regional state parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia
2006 Spokesperson on economic policy for the SPD faction in the regional state parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia
2005 Elected member of the state parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia
2000 Commercial employee and authorized representative in the real estate business
1992 Study of economics / business administration

Mr. Sebastian Kopietz

Deputy Mayor, Bochum City

2018 Deputy Mayor, City of Bochum
2016 Head of the department for personnel, law, order and civil protection
2013 Transfer to the State Chancellery of North Rhine-Westphalia
2010 Office manager and personal advisor to the director of the Arnsberg District Government
2005 Student and research assistant at the local chair for tax law and tax enforcement
2004 Study of law at the Ruhr University Bochum


Mayor, Tsukuba city in Ibaraki prefecture

After graduation from College of International Studies, University of Tsukuba, completed Department of Political Science, MSc in Public Policy, University College London. Received Ph.D. in International Political Economy, Graduate school of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Tsukuba.
Elected to be Tsukuba City Councilor from 2004 to 2012 (1st term and 2nd term). In 2010, founded “GOKIGEN FARM” for solving the problem of agricultural matters and employment of people with special needs. Elected to be Mayor of Tsukuba city (1st term) in 2016. In 2018, Tsukuba city became the first local government in Japan that announced “Vision of the sustainable city”. Tsukuba city was selected as “SDGs future city” by Japanese government.